Funky Kit Launches Rig Builder™ Beta

The simple to use System Configurator

Funky Kit is proud to announce the launch of our Rig Builder™ Beta – Our exclusive System Configurator … a simple, yet effective way to decide what components you’ll need to build your perfect system.

Building a PC system can be fun, but choosing the correct PC components can be a bit of a nightmare. To solve this issue, we’ve designed the perfect tool that will give you the ability to show you the components that fit your budget. 


Our tool will make sure that all the individual components of the expected build will be compatible with each other. We then check the prices of similar products to bring to you the best possible deal.


How to user our Rig Builder

Build your prefect Rig in 5 simple steps … 

  1. Choose your Category
  2. Select your Budget
  3. Select your preferred brand of processor 
  4. Select your preferred brand of graphics card
  5. Hit Submit!


The Search Results

Once the search results are displayed, our system will select the best possible choice base on your criteria. Alternatively, you may choose other similar products yourself.

You can also click on each individual link to access more details about the product on Amazon.

When you are ready … all you have to do is click “Buy All“ and Rig Builder™ will take you to Amazon’s webpage for final checkout.


We would like to say a BIG thank you to my brother Yao for making this happen, without his exquisite and expert programming skills, would not have been able to launch Rig Builder™ Beta.

This is a beta version of our Rig Builder™ application, so there may be some bugs and it may not work as expected, and this is where we need your help. Please report any bugs or issues to us at To access Rig Builder™, please go here, and don’t for get to read the disclaimer before you use it.

Winston Chim
Founder of Funky Kit and Funky Media




  1. By using this tool you agree …
    1. The final price listed is NOT guaranteed and the items are subject to availability.
    2. We cannot guarantee that the tool is error-free or the information provided is accurate.
    3. Funky Kit and related parties are not responsible for any liability, returns, warranty or damage resulting from the use or misuse of this tool.
  2. Product prices and availability are taken from Amazon (and its resellers) and may be subject to change without notice. 


More features on the way (BETA version 2)

  • More categories such as “Creator” or “Mini PC” etc.
  • More accurate paring (and compatibility) of listed components
  • Ability to choose other items over the recommended list


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