Evercade Releases Cartridge-based Retro Handheld

This is so cool … if you’re an 80’s kid, then you can re-live all your favourite gaming moments. So nostalgic.

Taken from Engadget … Evercade borrows a bit from all the above. It’s modern hardware, which means you’ll enjoy a bright, 4.3-inch display (480 x 272 — easily enough for most 16-bit systems), around 4.5 hours of battery life and a mini HDMI port so you can play on the big screen. Eagle-eyed retro fans might have noted this is similar to the PSP, although the Evercade feels ever so slightly bigger. The proprietary cartridges each hold a collection of games, usually organized by publisher (Atari, Namco and so on). At launch the Evercade will cost $80 (£60) with one pack-in cartridge and $100 (£80) for the premium pack (three included cartridges). Individual game collections will cost $20 (£15) each.

At launch, 10 collections will be available from the likes of retro stalwarts like Atari, Technos, Data East and Interplay. There will also be cartridges from newer companies that specialize in licensing retro games, notably Piko Interactive and Songbird productions. The result is a fairly eclectic library of around 120 titles so far, with more to come. 

Evercade goes up for pre-order on Amazon in the US April 5th, or right now on funstock.co.uk.  Europeans will also be able to pick one up in select stores (Argos, Game and Fnac for example) when it ships on May 22nd.

You can by the Evercade Premium Pack Includes 3 Cartridges Collections from Amazon – https://amzn.to/2X2xqU2

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