Analogue Mega SG is the Must-Have Retro Console

I want this … for those who remember the good old days of SEGA.

There’s never been a better time to be a retro video game enthusiast. Playing old video games on modern screens used to require elaborate cabling and detailed electronics knowledge, or you would have to wade into dodgy ROM sites and tinker with confusing emulators. Today, however, we are blessed with a panoply of options, led by Nintendo’s “classic” mini-consoles. But the premium, top-of-the-line retro console maker remains the hipsterish British-American company, Analogue.

Analogue’s Super NT, a Super Nintendo (SNES) hardware emulator released last year, was a revitalization of the SNES library ready to plug and play (and upscale) to modern HD televisions with a graphical fidelity unmatched by even Nintendo’s own offerings. But the Super NT was just the tip of the retro spear, because, as any ’90s kid will tell you, some console wars never die. And sure enough, Analogue has just released their take on the other dominant console of the 16-bit era: the Sega Genesis. Analogue’s Mega SG is a beautiful little piece of hardware that does for the Genesis/Sega CD/Master System library what the Super NT did for the Super Nintendo — and is the better value proposition of the two.




  • Near-perfect emulation
  • Plays Genesis and Master System games from all regions
  • Supports Sega CD
  • Carts are easy to find and inexpensive


  • No way to output to a CRT monitor
  • No 32X support



On paper, the Mega SG is almost a copy-and-paste of Analogue’s last console, doing for the Genesis what the Super NT did for the SNES. But while Nintendo fans have dozens of options to play the company’s classics, Sega diehards don’t. The Mega SG brings the stuff we expect from Analogue — near-perfect emulation, HDMI and wireless controller support — to a slept-on library of games. Even if you never owned a Genesis, the Mega SG is worth a look.

Source: Engadget


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