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Oculus Go might be the virtual reality industry’s best chance at pushing the medium into the mainstream. Tethered VR devices are unwieldy and generally require a beefy PC rig to run properly; mobile headsets offer a taste of what full, immersive VR has to offer, but they’re limited by smartphone specs and battery life. Standalone headsets are the future of VR, and while the Oculus Go isn’t the first device in this category, it’s an accessible and high-quality option backed by the marketing power of Facebook.

Oculus Go is a $200 headset rumored to hit the market at Facebook’s F8 conference in May, but the company is showing it off, for the first time, on the GDC show floor — and we’ve already gone hands-on.

First up: the fit. Oculus Go is lightweight and comfortable, with three straps to adjust the size across the top and sides of your head. I have a remarkably tiny head, but with a few seconds of adjustment, the Go fit my face just fine, with the smallest gap along the bottom of the visor. This small window into the real world helped as I picked up the Go motion controller, and the gap disappeared from my field of view as soon as I jumped into an actual game.



The controller is small, with a wrist strap dangling from the end, a trigger around the back, and on top, a touch-sensitive thumb pad and two buttons. As with the rest of the headset, the controller is simple yet effective, with little wasted space or unnecessary extras.

Source: Engadget


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