The Klipsch T10 True Wireless and T5 True Wireless ANC smart earphones both include AI, gesture controls and active noise cancellation. Though, the details about the AI are limited. All we know is that these have “a built-in operating system with embedded artificial intelligence.” The T10 are smaller than most true wireless earbuds, but that comes at a price. When they’re available in fall 2020, they’ll be listed at $649. The T5 True Wireless ANC will also be available in fall 2020, but they’ll cost significantly less: $299.

Klipsch is also developing a sport version of the T5. The company says the “rugged earphones” and their case are dust- and water-tight. They have an IP67 rating, and the case offers both moisture removal and wireless charging. They come with three sizes of no-budge ear wings, and when they arrive in summer 2020, they’ll be priced at $229.

Source: Engadget