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Korg Gadget-VR allows Music Producers to use VR Headsets

Interesting … something for all you VR-headset owners who love to produce music 😀

Taken from Engadget … Over the years, Korg’s Gadget app has allowed for software-based music production on platforms ranging from iOS to Switch, and now it’s making the jump to virtual reality. We don’t know much about Gadget-VR, like how much it will cost or what platforms it’s going to be available on (a brief trailer starts off with what appears to be a $299 Oculus Quest 2 headset), but the idea is intriguing.

According to Korg, the Unreal Engine-powered tool will allow tech-forward music producers to surround themselves with virtual sequencing equipment of all types and create with gadgets from the virtual table. Whether or not its a replacement for synthesizers that exist in the real world, maybe it provides more options than would feasibly fit in a real studio, complete with a layout that’s more friendly than most software-based apps.

Source: Engadget


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