Microsoft Project xCloud Hands-on – Xbox on a Phone (Samsung S10)

Is this THE competitor to Google’s Stadia? It could turn out to be pretty good platform considering all the Xbox games out there. Xbox fans take note! 

Microsoft’s Project xCloud is almost ready for public consumption. In fact, it’s launching in some capacity this October, with the ability to stream games from your at-home Xbox One to any device you own. The company’s big E3 showcase mentioned this, but not much else. Sure, we had news of the next-gen Project Scarlett console to keep the faithful hyped for what’s coming up, but concrete details and specifications are still scant. This means that getting to test the service out, with real, triple-A games was all the more important — and that’s what I just did. I played Resident Evil 7, Hellblade, Halo 5 and more through a Galaxy S10, with an Xbox controller, and it was rather wonderful.

Halo 5 was running at 720p resolution and a mostly-consistent 60 frames per second. Gaming resolution is adaptable depending on device and connection speeds, as is the frame rate. Microsoft hasn’t specified the speed of the internet (or cellular service) you’ll need to run it, but there were several casual mentions regarding connectivity speeds — apparently, if you can stream Netflix, you can stream Project xCloud. It’s something that demands further testing when it launches in earnest.

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