NewerTech Energy Efficient NuGreen LED Desk Lamp Saves Money & the Environment



Woodstock, IL, October 16, 2014 — NewerTech, a leading performance upgrades and accessories company for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods since 1988, announced today the NewerTech NuGreen LED Desk Lamp with flexible neck for the brightest workplace with no heat.  Featuring 50 energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), the cool touch NuGreen Desk Lamp produces bright light similar to natural daylight and makes the perfect gift for college student dorm rooms, apartments, and bedrooms.  In addition, the lamp features a flexible “gooseneck” that lets you position the light beam exactly where you need it toread or work without disturbing your roommate, co-worker, or spouse with irritating light glare.

NuGreen Saves Money & Environment — Modern Design with Easy Finger Touch Turn On/Off

The NuGreen saves both money and the environment with LEDs that use only 3.6 watts of total power and last up to 45,000 use hours (up to 22 times longer than tradition bulbs), and is recyclable since  it contains no mercury.  Boasting a stylish modern aluminum design with a sophisticated turn on/off feature with a gentle finger tip touch to the red ring power indicator, NuGreen is safe for all to use and is cool to the touch, since LED lights don’t emit any heat.   

NewerTech NuGreen Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp Features:

•Safe, cool touch lamp with no heat.

•Produces bright white light similar to natural daylight.

•Features 50 LEDs for up to 45,000 use hours – up to 22 times longer than traditional bulbs.

•“Gooseneck” design lets you position the light exactly where you want it. 

•Uses only 3.6 watts total power.

•Lamp can be recycled, as it contains no mercury. 

•1-Year Warranty.

Pricing and Availability

The NewerTech NuGreen LED Desk Lamp is available immediately, priced at MSRP $69.99, available from NewerTech reseller OWC for $54.99 at: Technology/NGLL50CW/.  For more info, see, Facebook:, and Twitter: @NewerTech.

Source: NewerTech via Thomas PR

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