Nintendo Switch Lite Gets Reviewed at Engadget

If you travel a lot and don’t mind the lack of TV output … you might want to take a look.

The Switch Lite is for everyone who found the original Switch too big. Really, that’s it. By going with a smaller screen and fixed controllers, Nintendo has crafted something that feels more like a genuine portable console. The Switch Lite is significantly lighter and more comfortable to hold, it can finally fit into your pocket and, at $200, it’s $100 less than the Switch. The major downside: There’s no more support for TV output. The Switch Lite is purely focused on portability, but I don’t think many gamers will mind.

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So, should you get the Switch Lite? For newcomers, it’s the ideal option if you never plan to play on a TV, or if you’re looking for something sturdier for younger players. But if you ever want to play games on the big screen, your only choice is to go with the larger revamped Switch.


  • Light and comfortable to hold
  • Directional pad!
  • Solid battery life
  • $100 less than the Switch 


  • No TV output support
  • Small text is tough to see



The Switch Lite is all about portable gaming, and it shows. It’s lighter, more nimble and easier to play just about anywhere. It’s the ideal option if you never plan to game on your TV. And for existing Switch owners, it’s a compelling secondary system.

You can buy the Nintendo Switch Lite for around USD $199 from Amazon –

Source: Engadget

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