GeIL Announces UK Expansion, Offering More Purchasing Options for Customers

One of the world’s leading PC components and peripheral manufacturers, is pleased to announce that they have entered a partnership with Exertis, CCL Computers,, Novatech, and to expand the GeIL brand across the United Kingdom. There are more channels to purchase GeIL’s first-class product in the United Kingdom and better overall customer experience. A total win-win for PC enthusiasts.



GeIL continues to build a global sales network that gives customers better access to their products. Some highlights of the GeIL memory lines include the EVO X II, EVO Spear, Super Luce series, and more are available through Exertis, CCL Computers,, Novatech, and Warranty and after service is also provided. PC enthusiasts can expect more access to GeIL products, competitive pricing, and high-quality customer care.

For more product information, visit GeIL at


Official GeIL Retailers in the UK


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