Internet Cafes in Vietnam Are Turning To Cryptocurrency Mining

You can’t really blame them … with lockdowns and dwindling business, it’s probably the only way to survive during this pandemic.

Taken from TPU … An internet cafe in Vietnam has turned to mining cryptocurrency as the pandemic has affected their business. Internet cafes have been ordered to close to limit the spread of COVID-19 forcing the owners to find an alternative use for their computer hardware. The owner of Star Computer computer cafe in Ho Chi Minh city has announced that they will be switching to cryptocurrency mining as the “profits are higher”.

The cafe is owned by a Vietnamese computer store and has managed to secure a significant number of RTX 3080 GPUs for the mining operations. Star Computer internet cafe has also encouraged other internet cafe owners to contact them about setting up similar operations.

Star Computers (translation)

“Switching business season, Profits are higher than net business, whoever wants to do, contact me for free.”

Source: TPU, Star Computer


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