Nike Queen Blazer Mid Sneakers Available on Android Version of SNKRS Before iOS

If you’re a NIKE fan and you’ve got an Android phone … you’re in luck!

Nike introduced its shoe-selling app SNKRS in 2016, but it wasn’t until nearly a year later that it rolled out an Android version. Even today, some of the app’s best features (like a way to buy sneakers using augmented reality) are exclusive to iOS. Which, as you can imagine, causes frustration among Android users. But, today, the tables were flipped, even if it may not have been intentional. During Thursday’s surprise launch of Nike’s “Queen” Blazer Mid, a collaboration with streetwear designer Virgil Abloh, his brand Off-White and tennis superstar Serena Williams, SNKRS users on Android were able to get access to the pair before their iOS counterparts. And, as you might expect, hypebeasts with an iPhone were not happy.

Nike dropped this limited-edition shoe using its Behind the Design “scratch” feature, which prompts users to virtually scratch an image to unlock and buy the shoe. As is typically the case with these highly coveted Nike collaborations, the “Queen” Blazer Mid sold out in seconds, with Android users taking basically all the stock. At first, it seemed as if Nike had made the shoes available exclusively on Android, but later it was discovered that iPhone users also had access to the “scratch” release — they just had to log out and back in to the app. Nike is mum on whether this was by design, or if its SNKRS app for iOS just completely dropped the ball.

Source: Engadget


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