AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPU Lineup Leaked by Russian E-Tailer

7nm goodness coming from AMD. Intel lags behind!

As we’re coming up on CES, cameos and details (but mostly speculation) on AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 3000 series are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Not the least of which is the recent listing of what seems to be AMD’s line-up for that same processor series. Based on the 7 nm process, AMD’s “Matisse” Ryzen 3000 series will bring about an evolutionary change on the way AMD’s processors are arranged, with the “chiplet” approach allowing for an even more streamlined, scalable, cheaper design that can go all the way from a relatively basic 4-core CPU (which could belong to the Athlon range) all the way up to an (allegedly) 16-core Ryzen 9 3800X.


And thus the floodgates are open. The leaked top of the food chain for AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series is the Ryzen 9 3800X, which ups the tiers on AMD’s lineup to four (Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and 9), and which reportedly ships with an incredible (remember this, if true, is being supported on the AM4 platform) 16-core, 32-thread, 3.9 GHz base, 4.7 GHz boost, and 125 W TDP processor. That’s a Threadripper on the consumer segment, and you can bet it will go for much, much less than the original 16-core CPU went for.

Source: TPU


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