Colorful Launches GeForce RTX 2080 Ti RNG Edition Featuring Full-Color LCD

Mmmm… but why?

RGB LEDs are a thing of the past – why would you settle for that limited 16.7 billion colors when you can have those colors actually forming images? That seems to be the thought process behind Colorful’s new RTX 2080 Ti RNG Edition, which brings to the table a full-color LCD display for that ultimate build peek (and pic) capability. This seems to be a very limited edition run for NVIDIA’s (current; you know that will change) top of the line graphics card, and brings a new color scheme and detailing on just about every part of the graphics card.

Whether or not you can actually program what the embedded LCD display or if it’s just running an animation loop isn’t known for the moment, but the shroud design and stylized backplate should be enough to generate some “love it or hate it” divisions. 3x 8-pin power connectors, 3x fans and a 2.5-slot round out the usual design suspects, while display outputs are handled by 1x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort, and 1x Virtual Link connectors. There’s even an OC button on the back of the graphics card for a quick OC should you feel the card isn’t fast enough the first time you turn it on.

And yes, there seems to be a mistake on the render for the product box, but where exactly the mistake lies is unknown for now – but all this trouble for a “mere” 2070 doesn’t seem to cut it. Buyers would be much more willing to pay the added premium of such an edition of a graphics card on NVIDIA’s halo product, and not on the “midrange” contender.

Source: Videocardz via TPU


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