Falcon Northwest Adds RGB Offerings to Its Product Line

PC builder Falcon Northwest today announced their new mid-sized tower PC, the Talon 20th Anniversary Edition. The culmination of a 2-year in-house case design project, Talon takes aim at winning over the Mac-using creator crowd with top-end components, careful thermal management and high-end metal exterior. It’s also targeted at Falcon’s game-playing clientele with options for glass sides, custom paintwork, and embracing the gaming trend Falcon has mostly resisted: RGB LED lighting.

“It’s amazing!” said Chris Roberts, CEO of Roberts Space Industries and the creative genius behind Star Citizen and the Wing Commander game series. Chris was the recipient of the very first 20th Anniversary Talon. “It’s butter smooth and super quiet. I love the beautiful artwork and that I can easily open up the sides to see the immaculate components, cabling and lighting.”

The Talon series was first introduced in 1999 as a budget alternative to Falcon’s higher-end Mach V line. The 20th Anniversary Edition Talon design now becomes Falcon’s highest-end product to date.

It features:

  • 4 mm thick sand-blasted aluminium exterior panels.
  • A custom Asetek fully-sealed liquid CPU cooling system with a massive 280 mm radiator.
  • Wiring usually only seen at tradeshows: individually sleeved cables by CableMod, standard.
  • Tinted glass or solid aluminium side doors with magnetic closures for easy access to the inside.
  • An infinite variety of exterior looks with Falcon’s custom paintwork and digital printing options.

“Making Talon’s exterior panels out of 4 millimeter-thick aluminium was not overkill,” said Kelt Reeves, President of Falcon Northwest. “It’s the finishing touch on our most advanced thermal design yet. To mass-market PC makers the case is just a plastic and sheet-metal box. Talon was designed for PC enthusiasts like us who care about the hardware.”

Talons are custom built-to-order with a wide array of component loadouts including Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs, Samsung NVMe storage, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX & Quadro graphics. Pricing starts at approximately $2,800.


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