TSMC Discloses 3nm to Pack Over a Quarter-Billion Transistors Per Square Millimeter

How many transistors!? Over 250 million transistors per square millimeter! That’s some serious tech … 3nm technology is coming and it looks like Intel are way way behind. 

Taken from … This earnings call marks the first time TSMC started disclosing actual information about its 3-nanometer (N3) node. C.C. Wei says the company’s N3 remains on track with risk production scheduled for 2021. TSMC is targeting volume production in the second half of 2022. The company says that after evaluating all the possible device technology options, it had decided to continue with FinFET for N3 due to its maturity, performance, and cost advantages.

In terms of density, TSMC says N3 will be another full node stride over N5 with a density improvement of 1.7x over N5. By our estimates, N3 should offer a cell-level density of just under 300 million transistors per millimeter square.

In terms of performance and speed, compared to N5, TSMC says N3 will provide 10-15% speed improvement at iso-power or 25-30% power reduction at iso-speed.

Source: WikiChip Fuse


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