Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Be Named Galaxy S20

Well, I’d actually prefer S20 over S11 … 

Taken from 9to5Google … Samsung’s flagship smartphone has changed quite a lot over the course of 10 generations and now, it seems its 11th could be seeing a big change. Apparently, the phone we thought would be the Galaxy S11 will actually be called the Galaxy S20.

Ice Universe, a Samsung tipster with a fairly good track record, mentioned earlier this week on Twitter that something unexpected could be in the works. Going into the new decade, Samsung could be skipping forward with ten version numbers and calling its upcoming flagship the Galaxy S20.

In a follow-up tweetIce mentions that this marks a “new beginning” of sorts. It’s unclear what this means, but it does suggest along with the jump in version numbers that this device will be a considerable step-up over the S10 series. That is, outside of its exterior design which seems to only be a minor upgrade.

Of course, this could and, if we’re being honest, probably is just a clever PR move. And Samsung could get a few big wins from this new naming scheme.

For one, Samsung distances itself a bit from other “ten” brands. Recently, we’ve seen iPhone X, Android 10, and more. Further, Samsung gets to match the name with the year which makes these phones even easier to keep track of. Likely most important to Samsung, though, is that it puts the company’s numbering scheme back in front of the iPhone. In 2020, Apple will have the iPhone 12, but Samsung will have the Galaxy S20.

As always, though, it’s important to take this with a huge grain of salt. It’s sometimes hard to gauge if changes like this are just in talks internally or something that’s been decided on.

Source: 9to5Google


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