Trendnet 2-Port 4K HDMI KVM TK-216i Switch Review

Trendnet sent over their 2-Port 4K HDMI KVM TK-216i Switch to review! Now for those unfamiliar with these types of devices let me give you a quick rundown. If you are like me I have my main desktop that I do my reviews, testing and gaming. And I have a Alienware steam box that I use as a media type console. Now what is really as pain in the, you know what, is having to unplug my mouse and keyboard to use on the Alienware. Yes I could have a separate keyboard setup but I am running out of room as we speak so that’s really not an option. So that’s where a device like this can become a serious space saver or USB port saver. It’s still a 50/50 whether or not I have the USB facing the right direction. The KVm switch allows you to seamlessly switch between 2 different HDMI inputs on the fly. With all this you can continue to use the same keyboard and mouse setup! I like the sound of this! Let take a look at everything this device has to offer

TRENDnet’s 2-Port 4K HDMI KVM Switch, model TK-216i, allows you to control two computers with one set of console controls. Experience up to 4K UHD resolutions, no driver installation required. The TK-216i 4K HDMI KVM switch is designed for 4K HDMI systems with USB mouse and keyboard connections. This 4K HDMI KVM switch also features 3. 5mm speaker and microphone connections to switch between computers. 4K HDMI 2. 0 The 4K HDMI KVM Switch is designed for HDMI systems with resolutions up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz). Audio Support Full audio support through HDMI cable connections with optional 3. 5mm microphone and speaker jacks. Quick Toggle Switch Use the integrated 1. 2m (3. 9 ft. ) cable to position the toggle switch in the most convenient location.

I would like to thank Tronsmart for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:



Company Overview – About Us

TRENDnet’s vision is to build innovative, easy to use, and reliable Networks People Trust™. TRENDnet solutions network the countless devices which enable your connected lifestyle and workplace. Building award winning networking solutions since 1990, TRENDnet connects you with what you value most.
Founded in Torrance, California, TRENDnet has grown to become a leading global networking hardware brand. From the network core to the periphery, TRENDnet’s expansive product portfolio includes Wireless, Wired, Surveillance, Connectivity, and Peripheral device categories. An emphasis on continual improvement and our ISO9001:2015 quality management certification (click here to view certificate) is an essential component of TRENDnet’s success. The TRENDnet brand is consistently recognized for exceptional quality, superior performance, and responsive support.

Now let us move on and check the Features and Specs! You can buy the Trendnet 2-Port 4K HDMI KVM TK-216i Switch for around USD $99 from Amazon –


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