Xiaomi 20000mAh Power Bank Review


For this 20000mAh model, Xiaomi has moved away from the brushed aluminium design of the previous generation of power banks and gone with an environmentally friendly ABS plastic. Gone is the plush look you got from the aluminium housing, but now you get a lighter (in comparison of amount of charge it can hold) power bank. The outer white plastic has a fine coating of dimples so that you can grip it easier without it slipping out of your hands too easily. The other plastic casing can withstand heat of up to 90 degrees Celsius, and the entire power bank weighs in at just 338 grammes.


At the top of the power bank you’ll find 2 USB-A ports for charging your devices, and a micro-USB port that is used to charge the power bank up. Look closely above the micro-USB port and you’ll find 4 white LEDs which are used to indicate the amount of the charge left inside the power bank, one feature that I swear by as I know just how much more I can get out of a power bank without the frustration of plugging your phone in one and getting just a few minutes worth of charging before it runs out. Each of the LED will indicate a 25% charge capacity and will light up as soon as you connect a device to it to charge. There is also a dedicated rectangular power button discreetly placed on the side if the power bank fails to detect your device.


Supplied in basic packaging of the power bank, you’ll get a 30cm flat micro-USB charging cable.

Inside the 20000mAh power bank there are 6 high-density batteries manufactured by Panasonic and LG, not that you’re going to rip one apart to see for yourself. Measuring the 2 USB charging ports, they have a combined output of 5.1 volts at 3.6 amps. Individually, each port can output up to 2.1 amps, so it comes in handy if you want to charge up any USB-C devices.



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