Xiaomi 20000mAh Power Bank Review


First things first. Even with products that are well within many people’s budgets, Xiaomi still attracts its fair share of counterfeiting, and with power banks, imitation units have tended to use far cheaper low quality batteries within them. For your ease of mind, much like SJCAM, each Mi power bank has a 20-digit security code, which can be verified on it’s official website.


As I mentioned before, this 20000mAh power bank is a best. Due to international shipping regulations when you get your hands on a brand new one, out of the box you won’t find it will contain much charge to start you off with. After draining the power bank completely from the approximate 25% charge I got out of the box, which in itself managed to change my phone more than once, it took around 8-9 hours to completely recharge it back up to 100%.

With all that power inside it, you might be worried about your safety, rest assured as Xiaomi uses what it calls “nine layers of circuit chip protection,” which provides protection from circuits shorting out, input and output overvoltage, overcharge and over discharge, and output overcorrect, with the USB power control and charging chips being manufactured by Texas Instruments.

The 2 charging USB ports comes in very handy when you have more than one device to charge up at any one time and it has been a staple piece of equipment in my rucksack since the day that I got it. At 100% capacity, I’ve managed to charge up my GoPro and its spare battery, 2 of my Canon DSLR batteries, and my phone over 5 times!!!!


Verdict & Conclusion

Let’s be honest, the Xiaomi 20000mAh power bank is not something you’ll be carrying in your pocket, or for women who uses small purses. But with 20000mAh charging power, its one hell of a beast that can charge up nearly everything you can throw at it……with enough juice to still charge up your phone several times over.



Xiaomi as Xiaomi has improved on their first generation of portable power banks by making it more lightweight, and hold more power for the price you pay. More importantly to many skeptics of cheap power banks, Xiaomi has incorporated technology from Texas Instruments to maintain your safety.

At just HK$189 the Xiaomi 20000mAh power bank really is too good to pass over.


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