Antlion Audio ModMic USB Microphone Review

As you can see we have a special product to show you today. This product is intended to fulfil a specific need. And if that need is a microphone for your favorite set of headphones keep reading because now you can convert your headphones into a legitimate headset! Antlion has several products that offer different connection types and we will be covering more than just the USB, so stay tuned for those reviews.

I reviewed an awesome set of headphones from AIAIAI and that’s what they were made, high quality audio. I was thinking while reviewing those how awesome would that be if I could use these for gaming. Now I can give that a go because of the products from Antlion. In most cases Headphones have more put into the audio because their main focus is sound, and not voice capabilities. So I can understand if you have a set of headphones that you feel the same way about. Well fret not because now you can convert your favorite set of headphones into that gaming headset that you have always wanted!

In this review we will test the mic, see what the company has to say about the mic, and lastly in the conclusion, we will see if the mic lived up to the hype. So until we meet back up there lets check out all the details of the Antlion Audio ModMic USB Microphone.

The clarity of the first USB terminating ModMic is unmatched! The ModMic USB comes with dual mic modes, including our award-winning omni-directional capsule for broadcasts and a brand new premium noise-canceling uni-directional mic for noisy environments. This is the best wired ModMic ever made.

I would like to thank Antlion Audio for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:

Company Overview – About Antlion Audio

A passion for quality voice and audio

Antlion Audio was founded on the basis of delivering stellar voice communication capabilities to your favorite headphones. It’s all about your experience.

We’re making a new kind of electronics company here at Antlion Audio, one that puts customers first, pays careful attention to the environment and our community, and delivers innovative products. We aren’t the new guys anymore. Our products are growing in popularity around the world and we’re already taking it to the next level.

From the southern reaches of Australia to the Nordic countries, we’re making friends and serving customers the only way we know how, with a commitment to great user experience. Sure, we have a lot more we need to accomplish, and many more regions to serve. With your help, we’ll be there soon.

Now let us move on and check out the Features and Specs! You can buy the Antlion Audio ModMic USB Microphone for around USD $79 from Amazon –


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