Tribit Flybuds Wireless Earbuds Review

First I would like to give a huge thanks to Tribit for sending me these Flybuds to review!  I had a chance to review the X1’s from Tribit a few months back and those Earbuds really exceeded my expectations. So I have intentionally set my bar a little higher this go around while I give these Flybuds the rundown. I will looking closely at the Bluetooth connection because I did experience a number of cutouts on the X1’s especially if I placed my hand over the Earbuds. I will also be looking for a richer and deeper sound that these claim to have compared to the X1’s. Well, lets not waste anymore time and get to it!

Tribit FlyBuds Wireless Earbuds


Experience the Magic of Wireless

Immerse yourself in high quality sound with the Tribit FlyBuds Wireless in-ear headphones. Make sure you’ve got the perfect fit with the different sized silicone tips, which seal in the sound to filter out background noise. Comfy and secure, you can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device in a flash, and stay charged in their handy, portable changing case. Be ready for music in a heartbeat!

I would like to thank Tribit for providing this review sample! Let us see what they have to say about themselves on their website:

Company Overview

“Life, Amplified”

Tribit envisions itself to be more than just a brand name to you, but a lifestyle that’s made more upbeat and fun through quality music and genius design. The Tribit lifestyle is one that’s takes the simple moments of your day, and makes it better with a blast of good beats. Because when it comes to life, don’t just live it. Tribit.

Founded by a collective of sound engineers and design maestros, Tribit is a Bluetooth Audio and Headphones brand that hits the highs on both smashing sound quality and stunning looks.

For us, the music never. ever. stops. Literally. From our morning commute, to our evening run, to our weekend outdoor adventures, there is always a soundtrack that shakes things up with excitement. That is why with Tribit, our mission is to bring the beats at its brightest and most beautiful, into every aspect of life. To elevate the entire auditory experience beyond boundaries, and definitely without wires.


Extraordinary quality

Here at Tribit, we live life freely, and take sound seriously. There’s nothing more satisfying than listening to crisp, balanced audio that’s deeply immersive. That’s why our sound engineers tweak, tune and test our music drivers, for quality that blasts your soundtrack perfectly for every part of your day.

Expressive design

Whether your wardrobe is nothing but black, or you’re bubbling with sunshine and rainbows, there’s a Tribit designed just for you. From sleek lines and subdued tones, to edgy and vibrant colors, your music player just became your latest accessory.

Experience you can own

It’s all about enjoying the music; that’s why we pay special attention to product design to ensure a smooth, seamless listening experience. From ear buds that fit like a glove, to speakers that require only a few hours for a week’s worth of playtime. The Tribit experience is one you can press play on easily, and seamlessly.”

Now let us move on and check the Features and Specs on next page!

You can buy the Tribit Flybuds Wireless Earbuds from Amazon.


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