Azden Pro-XD Wireless Lavalier Microphone Review

The Box and Package


A Closer Look

Both the receiver and transmitter are small, compact and light-weight, which is perfect for any videographer or vlogger. It means your whole video camera setup won’t weigh a ton. Trust me, any extra weight is a real killer after prolong usage of more than 1-2 hours.

The on the back of the receiver, you’ll find the cold shoe mount for DSLR, camcorder or mirrorless camera. You’ll also find a short antenna which can be twisted/folded rather like the ones you’ll find on most modern wifi routers. The mic-out connector is where you plug in your 3.5mm extension cable. One end goes to the receiver and the other end goes to your camera. Interestingly, the receiver also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is a great added bonus allowing me to monitor the audio while recording. Other features on the receiver include the power-on button, volume/gain (increase or decrease), and a micro USB charging port.

The transmitter unit is again small, compact and light-weight. You’ll find a belt clip secured on to the back of the unit. The unit comes with a shorter antenna, which can be replaced with a large one if needed. There’s the usual mic-in for the lavalier microphone and interestingly there’s also an aux-in, which I believe allows you to add an additional input source.

Also included with the package are two extra cables – a 3.5mm extension cable (receiver-to-camera) and a TRS-TRRS converter cable, which allows you to use the Azden Pro-XD on any smartphone including my iPhone!


How It’s Mounted

You can mount the Azden Pro-XD directly on to the hot shoe mount on the camera. It’s small, compact and light-weight, so it should be  

Alternatively, if you have a Smallrig cage (or any other cage), you can also mount it directly to the cage itself.

As you can see, there’s plenty of room around the camera after we mounted the Azden Pro-XD. What I might do, is to swap the 3.5mm extension cable for a coiled cable.


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