Azden Pro-XD Wireless Lavalier Microphone Review

Audio Quality and Recording 

For the purpose of testing the audio recording of both wireless lavalier mics, here’s a comparison between the Sennheiser AVX-ME2 vs the Azden Pro-XD. Watch the video clip below.



We turn down the audio recording level of the Sony a6300 to 12 for indoors and 6 for outdoors. Then, we adjusted the gain on the Azden Pro-XD receiver to our liking. 


Verdict and Conclusion

I have to say, this is probably one of my best purchases of the year. Everything about the Azden Pro-XD is what I’ve been looking for. I want small and compact size – Check. I want light-weight – Check. I want headphone-out for monitoring – Check. I want to use it on my smartphone (especially an iPhone) – Check.

The overall audio quality is good enough for my needs. You may need to turn down the gain quite a lot to remove any background hiss or noise.  Apart from that, everything looks good. With that said … my hands are now FREE, horray! The battery life is good. According to the specs, I should get around 11 hours worth for the transmitter and 16 hour on the receiver.

The range is good. I can go as far as 30-35m (line of sight) before it cuts out. If there are walls … then expect only 10-15m or less. After recording with it for a few days, I didn’t encounter any real problems with it, but others may find it lacking in some areas, such as the quality of the bundled lavalier mic. Comparing the audio recording in the above video, you’ll see which one is the real winner here. Of course, you can’t really beat a $700 Sennhensier. 

The quality of the included lavalier mic is only average to be honest. It’s OK for now and it does the job, but we recommend to swap it with a better one at a later date.

Costing only USD $199 from Amazon, the Azden Pro-XD offers the best value for your money, as far as wireless lavaliver mics are concerned. Buy now from Amazon –


  • Affordable
  • Extremely compact
  • Super light-weight
  • Headphone out for audio monitoring
  • Compatible with smartphones/iPhone


  • Quality of the included lavalier mic is average. It’s OK, but we recommend to swap it with a better one.


Final Words:

Whether you’re a novice, amateur or even a semi-professional videographer/vlogger, and you want to go for a wireless lavalier microphone kit … why not consider the Azden Pro-XD. It’s extremely compact and super light-weight. It also works with smartphones/iPhone, plus it comes with headphone out for audio monitoring. 




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