EpicGear Melodiouz Analog In-Ear Gaming Headset Review

Today we will be taking a look at EpicGear’s new Melodiouz in-ear gaming headset. All of the gaming headsets we have reviewed in the past has been either over-ear or on-ear, so it is a nice surprise to try test something that is somewhat different to the normal. Whilst over-ear or on-ear gaming headsets can cope and produce some fantastic bass and deep tones to enhance a game’s ambience, can something as small as an in-ear headset be considered capable enough to reproduce this for gaming purposes?


MELODIOUZ in-ear gaming headset features a pair of 13.5mm mega drivers enhanced by high quality snug-seal sleeves for rich and powerful sound with superior isolation and comfort.
The innovative dynamic-firm-fit supports the earpiece to be held securely and comfortably in the ears. The gaming focused flexible and detachable microphone provides the highest in-game communication clarity with the freedom of detachment when not needed. The useful multi-functional inline remote provides all-in-one convenience when choosing and adjusting the volume on your favorite tune.

Sacrificing sleek lines in design, a pair of in-ear headphones brings portability, allowing you to take them around with you taking only minimum amount of space in your pockets. Buy now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/ILg8dT


Let’s take a quick look at the Melodiouz’ technical specifications.


Technical Specifications

Comparing the specifications of the Melodiouz to any other over-ear gaming headsets would be like comparing apples to oranges; the use of different drivers and the proximity of the positioning of the them would mean totally different audio experiences.

Small differences means a lot with the Melodiouz, whilst normal wired gaming headsets would have a 2-3 metres cable, the Melodiouz’ is shorter at 1.5 metres, you don’t want a mass of cables hanging out of your pocket whilst you are carrying them around, or using them with your smartphone. The downside here is that when you do plug it into a PC of gaming console, you will have a little less maneuvering room.

With the Melodiouz being EpicGear’s first pair on in-ear headphones, you can’t really label it as the entry level option, rather should be considered under it’s own little category.



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