Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor Review

Conclusion and Verdict

This monitor has everything you need from a gaming monitor. All the specs and panel technology are the ones you want when you get a new monitor. I have no complaint from any one area of this monitor. This is an awesome monitor for gaming and one of the best for a vertical setup. The stand and the VESA mount will allow you to mount this monitor in any orientation too your hearts desire. The test results show a great color reproduction. Important for reproducing those games as the developer intended. This monitor is FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible. So sync away! You get the 1ms response, 144Hz refresh rate and an IPS panel. These are the most important specs and this monitor has all three. If you do your research like me then you know this monitor is very fairly priced with these specs. You are going to have a hard time finding a cheaper one with these specs. As the testing showed, the manufactures specs held true. The power supply is external, which I find a little better than being in the monitor. Why? you ask. This allows you remove just al little more heat away from you area.


One thing I have yet to mention are the speakers. Yes they are there and they make noise. Its hard to complain about a 2W speaker. There are two of them but if your going to plan on running with a couple of 2W speakers then we have to have a different talk. I like that this monitor has built in speakers but they are not going to wow you. At the very least they could get you by in a pinch or if all you need is the windows feedback sounds. I would not recommend gaming with them. You have a 3.5mm on the back of this monitor to make your listen solution even easier for you to set up.

Now this monitor is only 1080p and yes why this may be minimum I would recommend if you want a pleasurable gaming experience. The 1080p in no way hinders your gaming experience. In fact it could give you some advantages with the 144hz and 1ms response time. You will see things clearer and sooner than the competition.



You can buy Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor for around USD $249.99 from Newegg. Alternatively, you buy the Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor for around USD $279 from Amazon –



  • Price
  • 1ms Response Rate
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • IPS Panel
  • Great test results
  • Mounting compatibility (can be mounted vertically)
  • Plenty of Inputs
  • USB Connection
  • FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible


  • Not-a-one


Final Thoughts:

The performance and specification list speak for themselves. I highly recommend the Gigabyte G27F. This monitor has every great spec you need from a gaming monitor. You will be hard pressed to find a lower priced monitor with all the features of the G27F!



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