Aerocool Xpredator II Gaming Tower Chassis Review

Specifications and Features


More detailed specification is listed above while below you can see cooling system specification so used fans. Black and white versions of Xpredator II have the same amount of fans with one difference – Black version has red LED fans in front while white case have blue LED fans. Of course differences in colors are not affecting anything except the looks.



In total case has five 140mm fans what gives great airflow. Fans are spinning at about 1000 RPM what can cause some noise but all can be connected to controller and tunned down. Additional controller is not included but case itself has two switches on the top to set fan mode. All fans have also PWM connectors so can be controlled via motherboard and managed in BIOS or motherboard software.


Package and its contents

Xpredator II case has arrived in a retail package which is a large box. Case is well protected and even though we can see that box got hit couple of times then inside all is perfectly fine.

We can see anything unusual here as most PC cases come in similar package. What’s important is that product is well protected for the time of transport.



Below you can see gallery of the package and also photo of installation guide. It’s a must to add installation guide and general product description to the products sold in many countries ( especially in Europe ). Even though barely anyone is using it, it can be helpful for some users. Especially those who are building their first computer can have some questions and answers will find in the installation guide.

Additionally in the box is package of screws and bolts which are required to install motherboard or drives.


Now let’s move to the next page to take a look at the exterior of the Xpredator II.


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