Aerocool Xpredator II Gaming Tower Chassis Review

Closer Look – Interior

Interior of the Xpredator II is really spacious. We can install probably all available ATX motherboards from ITX to E-ATX. Even if you use the largest format motherboard then will be enough space to add some more like water pump or reservoir for water cooling.

This case is actually designed for water cooling. We can install two radiators – single 140x140mm and double 140 x 140mm ( 280mm ). Modders probably find a way to install much larger radiators as there is a lot of space and drive cages can be removed.



Inside are five pre-installed fans. All are 140mm and have both 4 pin molex and PWM connectors. Two front fans have red LEDs while all other are black without LEDs. All fans have about 1200 RPM what gives great airflow but can be too noisy for many users. In this case we can connect fans to the motherboard and set speed manually ( or leave it at auto ) or use additional panel ( not included ).



All HDD/SSD cages can be removed and all of them are supporting 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives. It’s a great news for all who are using only one drive but need more space for water cooling or the other way need space for many drives and wish to build larger RAID. There is space for 8 drives but 5.25″ bays can be also used so I’m sure that with additional brackets we can install up to 12 drives.



Aerocool Xpredator II supports ATX PSU in any size so if you really need then you can install even 1500W+ units. Under the PSU are four rubber pads which are holding PSU in place and are reducing any vibrations. PSU cut-off has additional protection against vibrations too.


Now maybe couple of words about cables and cable management. Most cables which are comming from top panel so USB, power, reset, audio and LEDs are black but could have better finish near connectors. You can see it on the above photo. In high end case we could expect it to look better and more solid. USB 3.0 and fan connectors have better finish.

All who love the looks of clean and tidy PC will be satisfied of cable management options. There are various ways to hide additional or too long cables and optimize airflow. On the back we have about 20mm space to hide cables what isn’t much but since there is large space then we won’t have problems to hide everything even if we have higher series PSU with many connectors.


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