Antec DF500 RGB Case Review

Conclusion and Final Score

If I had to sum up how I feel about the DF500 in one word it would be “good” this case doesn’t quite do enough for me to call it great but it certainly does enough at a low enough price to be considered for any builders out there who want a good-looking RGB friendly case on a budget.

Also part of the value factor comes from the 3 included fans, if you see it as a $65 case it doesn’t seem overpriced but it also doesn’t feel like a great value but if you view it as a $45 case with $20 worth of fans (Which is pretty reasonable since the included fans feel pretty decent and they’re full RGB) then the DF500RGB is a really good deal. But if you’re just going to replace the included fans with some aftermarket ones then you’ll be loosing out on a lot of the value.



A few highlights for this case are the glass panel exceeding all expectations with build quality. The included fans are also surprisingly high quality while looking really good and supporting motherboard control for the lighting without any configuration needed. The case also supports a ton of modularity, you can choose whether you want drive bays or more room for cables under the PSU shroud and you can choose the exact placement of case fans.

A few downsides would be the extremely flimsy back panel which could easily be folded in half by hand without much force. The very limited cable management support especially the fact that there is only one hole to route front panel cables through and the limited cable tie points on the back of the case.



  • Extremely sturdy feeling glass panel considering the price.
  • Great included fans.
  • Modularity.
  • Tons of fans.
  • Decent thermal performance.
  • Good looking overall.


  • Back panel is a little flimsy 
  • Cable management can be better


  • Mediocre build quality outside of the rear and glass panel.


Final words

Overall I give the Antec DF500RGB case a 4\5. It certainly is a good case but there are a few issues holding this case back from being great. Still, I do recommend it for anyone who needs a good-looking case with decent fan and water cooling support while staying on a budget, just keep the compromises in mind.

value award


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