Antec P120 Crystal Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Conclusion and Verdict

What we have here is a case that attempts to implement some nods to higher-end features such as cooling and RGB lighting, all for a budget friendly price. And the P120 does succeed in doing just that. The P120 chassis is easy on the eyes, easy to build in and easy on the wallet. Any gamer would enjoy having their hardware shown off in this chassis.

Cooling performance is adequate out of the box, yet the P120 Crystal is liquid cooling friendly should you decide to upgrade that as well. This chassis is very functional and very thoughtful. The simplistic nature of the P120 is a welcome break from the sometimes chaotic and inconsiderate design choices found in other chassis.

In contrast, while the black and grey theme looks great, I think that more color options would make this chassis for exciting. Although just a purely aesthetic personal preference, I would have like to seen grommets installed for the cable management holes in the motherboard tray.

You can buy the Antec P120 Crystal for right around $99.99 from Amazon


  • Good build quality
  • Great aesthetics
  • Even better lighting
  • Adequate cooling performance
  • Liquid cooling friendly
  • All intakes have removable dust filters
  • Surfaces are easy to maintain and keep clean


  • Only available in the black/grey livery
  • No grommets installed for the cable management holes in the motherboard tray
  • No fans included
  • Only two 3.5″ storage drives supported


Final Thoughts: 

The P120 chassis is a great entry point for users who do have a limited budget, without making to many concessions on features and looks. As such, the P120 Crystal chassis from Antec has great value!



You can buy the Antec P120 Crystal Mid-Tower Chassis for around USD $99 from Amazon –


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