Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini-ITX Chassis Review

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From the outside, the Cooler Master Elite 110 looks very standard. It’s near cube dimensions just makes the entire case very boxy, but the fun really begins on the inside. Taking a mini-ITX board, the Elite 110 gives you so much more placements for expansion. Crammed into the tiny case you can mount in 2 x 3.5″ hard disks AND 2 x SSDs (and I found space between the roof of the case and the top of the PSU to mount another 2 x SSDs!).

Elite 110

The 2 PCI ports at the back makes selecting a graphics card so much easier, take the MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti which requires the space of 2 PCI slots and 2 PCI ports due to its thickness. Not content with this, Cooler Master has given you to option to fit in a 120mm water cooling radiator in the Elite 110…….which has really gotten my modding mind going!

There are just so many possibilities you can do inside the Elite 110, making it a versatile mini-ITX case. Priced at just HKD$360 (USD $45-50), the Elite 110 is a bargain. Buy now at Amazon –


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