Enermax SABERAY Tower Chassis Review

Product Photos with Lighting

The SABERAY in an easy way can transform standard and dull PC into something interesting. We are able to use multiple lighting modes and colors to set everything as we like.

I’ve already seen comments that LEDs are too bright. I can confirm it’s possible to adjust the brightness of the LEDs so if we wish, we can make the PC less flashy. I just wanted to add this info so users know that everything works good and there is no problem to manage the RGB lighting.

Below are additional photos of the test rig with additional Enermax components. It’s really simple to build great looking PC. I also like the fact that various Enermax products keep the same LED colors and brightness so if we want to add something then we can count it will glow in the same way.

One thing which is maybe not related to the SABERAY itself but the whole ENERMAX product line is the fact that various devices have different connectors and controllers. It causes one issue. If the motherboard is not fully supporting all devices or there are not enough RGB headers/splitters then we will have a problem to synchronize all LEDs. Below is a list of connectors and compatible devices. All of them support RGB but use 3 types of connectors which are not supported on all controllers. Perfect would be if one controller could replace all other LED controllers. As an effect, we can set static lighting without problems but any additional effects like rainbow, pulsing or waves won’t be synchronized.

We were able to set T.B. RGB fans, LED stripes from the case and additional fans to work together but the fans on the LIQFUSION cooler had different connectors and required a separated controller. Actually, all three products have three different connectors.

Fan Model Comparison
Model No. UCTBRGB12-SG
Compatible Product(s) Retail Pack ENERMAX Case-SABERAY ENERMAX Liquid Cooler-LIQFUSION ENERMAX Power-RevoBron TGA
LED Type RGB RGB Addressable RGB
(Indivisual IC)
Speed 500-1500 RPM 1000RPM 500-2000RPM 1000RPM
RGB Connector
Pin Definition
Control Method Via T.B. RGB Control box Via RGB Header *Via Addressable RGB Header
(The RGB header 4-Pin assignment is+5V/ D/ -/ G)
Via RGB Header

* Please notice what type of the pin definition is supported by motherboard


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