Enermax SABERAY Tower Chassis Review

Conclusion and Verdict

Enermax SABERAY is an interesting PC chassis which is clearly dedicated to power gamers and enthusiasts who need a lot of space and want their computers to shine. The case is spacious and we can install nearly everything we wish to. We are able to install a large water cooling set, long graphics cards and large, high wattage PSU. Nothing will overheat because of great airflow.

RGB lighting looks exceptional, especially through thick, 4mm tempered glass. LED strips are not showing any brighter or darker spots. Everything is well illuminated and we have full control over the case’s lighting.


Enermax SABERAY Tower Chassis costs about $130 in Amazon store. It’s not cheap but competition asks for about as much for their products in a similar line. There are some differences so I guess that end-user has to decide if it’s worth the price. For sure it’s a nice option to all who are looking for a medium tower case with a lot of space and a great looking RGB lighting.


  • Interesting design
  • High-quality, solid build
  • Great looking lighting
  • Various RGB lighting modes
  • Well-performing and great looking fans


  • Nothing worth to mention


Final words:

Enermax SABERAY is an interesting, spacious PC chassis but its main feature is clearly an exceptional RGB lighting. It’s a chassis designed for gamers and enthusiasts and it’s hard to deny that. I’m sure that all gamers who decide on this product will be satisfied. It looks great once the whole hardware is installed. Especially in a dark room, we can see how amazing it looks like.

The SABERAY receives the Funky Kit Recommended Award! Congratulations to Enermax for the next successful product!




You can buy the Enermax SABERAY Tower Chassis from Amazon for around USD $139 – https://amzn.to/2FopdSM


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