LIAN LI LANCOOL ONE Digital PC Chassis Review

Today we are presenting LIAN LI LANCOOL ONE Digital. It’s one of the latest PC chassis which brings a fresh touch to already popular features but also adds something new. Since our last LIAN LI review took some time so I’m glad we have a chance to take a closer look at the new product of this well-known manufacturer.





Model LANCOOL ONE Digital
Case Type Tower Chassis
Dimensions (W)220mm x(H)472mm x(D)450mm
Case weight 8.25kg
Color White
Material (Side)Tempered Glass, (Body)SECC
Expansion Slot 7+2
2.5” SSD 4
3.5” HDD 2
I/O Ports USB3.1 Type C x1, USB3.0 x2 ,
HD Audio
M/B Type E-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX

  • Front: 120mm x1(Standard) / 120mm x3 or 140mm x2(Optional)

  • Top: 120mm x3 or 140mm x2(Optional)

  • Rear: 120mm x1(Standard)

  • Bottom: 120mm x2(Optional)



  • Front:120 x 360mm / 120 x 240mm/ 120 x 120mm / 140 x 140mm / 140 x 280mm

  • Top:120 x 360mm / 120 x 240mm/ 120 x 120mm

  • Rear: 120 x 120mm


VGA Card length ≤420mm
CPU Cooling ≤175mm
PSU (L)224mm
Filter (Top) x1 , (Bottom) x1 , ( Front ) x1
LED Addressable RGB, Motherboard Sync
Body Material Thickness 0.6mm
Side Panel Material Thickness 0.7 mm

I think that the specification table says a lot and many readers will skip the description of some parts of the case. Even though LANCOOL ONE is not from LIAN LI’s top product line, there are many features which are worth to mention. I will tell more about the features on the next pages of this review. We will start from the package and exterior of the LANCOOL ONE.

You can buy the LIAN LI LANCOOL ONE Digital PC Chassis for around USD $89 from Amazon –


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