Raidmax Viper GX II Chassis Review

A Closer Look: Interior

Both side panels are easily removed. Each has a set of thumb screws holding them in place. Raidmax also, installed handles that you can flip up and pull to take the panels off. A very nice feature in my opinion. As stated earlier, the left side has a honeycomb window. The honeycomb color is much easier seen once the panel is off. Raidmax’s Viper GX II tower is huge for a mid-tower and comes with all the bells and whistles that gamer have come to love. For example, having the room for 2 120mm fans or a water cooler in the top is must need now days. Towards the right, the GX II, comes with three 5.25 optical drives, three 3.5 HDD, and four 2.5 SSDs. The optical drive bay is of course in the top, while the HDDs are in the bottom. In the middle is the SSD bay. The SSD bay is removable for a longer graphics card (415mm) if you so desire. We have the room in the bottom for a PSU and another 120mm fan.

Each have their own ventilation with dust filters. Towards the back you will notice a pre-installed 120mm fan in the top, 7 expansion slots, motherboard I/O port cut-out and a cut-out for the PSU. The fan is black with grey colored blades. The GX II has four cut-outs in the back. One for the motherboard and the other three allows better cable management. You will also notice, that Raidmax already pre-installed the brass motherboard mounts for an ATX motherboard. On the top as well as between the mother board and right panel, there is 20mm worth of space for installation and cable management. There is also a few mounting points for zip ties or the Velcro ties Raidmax sends.



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