Spire PowerCube 715 micro ATX Chassis Review

Interior and Exterior


Exterior of the PowerCube 715 looks simple but for many users it’s an advantage. Everything is covered with protective foil as front and sides are made of dark plexi and could be scratched while transport or packing/unpacking. 

There are not many places to install additional fans but the case comes with one 120x120m and other one is in the PSU which is working as exhaust. Simple way to make good airflow in this small space. If you are installing higher power graphics cards then it’s recommended to use models with turbine type cooler which is getting rid of hot air and won’t spread most of it inside the case. I mean most of the reference design Nvidia and AMD graphics cards above 150W TDP.


After removing front panel we can see something as on the above photo. There is nothing unusual and let’s say that all cable connections are just standard quality. Everything is working so there is nothing to complain about.

Installed fan is quiet and gives nice blue light. You can see it on the photos. Also not the best quality but works good so I guess that most users won’t have to replace it. Especially when you see the price of whole package then it even looks pretty good.

On the top of the front panel are two USB ( one 2.0 and 0ne 3.0/3.1 ) and two audio 3.5″ jacks. Pretty typical.

Inside we can install motherboard in micro ATX or ITX format. Since there is some more space then larger graphics cards shouldn’t overheat and we will be able to overclock them some more. However we can’t count on much better cooling for the processor as PSU location is blocking any larger CPU cooling solution. We can still install a bit larger cooler than reference Intel/AMD cooling. 


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