Spire PowerCube 715 micro ATX Chassis Review

Conclusion and Verdict

Spire PowerCube 715 is one of many cube type chassis but it has couple of features that makes it interesting. It’s small and light so is good if you wish to move your PC more often. It also looks great and the effect is much better with lighting inside. Since it comes with blue LED fan then lighting is covered and the fan is also quiet.


MSRP is about $40 but I’ve seen PowerCube 715 for as low as $30 in couple of online stores. I think it’s a great price which is hard to beat for a chassis like that.

Spire is offering two year warranty on PowerCube 715 what is more than enough as not much can break in a chassis like this. I don’t think that anyone will make RMA on a single fan while shipping costs more than a new fan. However it’s good to have warranty if you are buying wersion with PSU included.


Final words

Spire PowerCube 715 is for sure interesting option if we are considering all the features and the product price. It’s hard to find many similar cube type chassis in so low price. At the same time Spire PowerCube 715 has it’s own unique and fresh design.




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