ADATA XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU AIO Cooler Review

ADATA is well-known for its memory and storage products, but there are also other products designed for gamers that are worth highlighting. Today we will present a 240 AIO liquid CPU cooler from ADATA’s Levante series, which comes with a new design and offers multiple features, as well as compatibility with all current processors on the market. Of course, as with everything nowadays, it also gives us a colorful ARGB illumination.

The XPG Levante 240 AIO cooler is designed for the latest processors, so that we will test it on one of the most popular recently, the i5-12600K CPU.

It’s enough for the introduction and let’s move to something more interesting. In the beginning, some technical data and product features.


XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler offers superb capability in stabilizing CPU temperature and maintain CPU proper functioning, with XPG ARGB lighting design that creates additional gaming atmosphere.



XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler uses Asetek’s latest cooling solution to ensure CPU temperature management is at the highest quality and result.


Two Vibrant Dual Ring 120mm fans have 20 ARGB LEDs each. The fans are quiet due to its Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) PWM, its auto- restart mechanism (up to 40,000 hours at 40oC of MTBF), and its Anti-Vibration Rubber.


All aluminum 240mm radiator with 11 water channels disperses water and heat at an insane rate. Together with two Dual Ring ARGB 120mm fans, the cooling rotation is processed seamlessly to optimize the airflow and cooling performance.


The pump circulates LEVANTEs cooled low-evaporation coolant to the CPU, initiates the heat transfer from CPU to the coolant via 0.15mm-thin micro channel copper plate. The warm liquid then travels away from the CPU through the tubing to the 240mm radiator, dissipates the heat from the radiator by the two 120mm fans.


XPG LEVANTE 240 supports Intels latest LGA1700 socket, ensuring the cooler continues to utilize Aseteks superb cooling capability in stabilizing CPU temperature and maintaining CPU proper function.


You can buy the ADATA XPG Levante 240 ARGB AIO cooler for $129 in the Amazon store –


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