Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Can the H60 out perform the competition?

Main review

For all testing, I used an Intel i5 6500 inside the Phanteks P300 case. The included fan and pre-installed thermal paste were both used.



As far as looks go the H60 looks good but a little bland. Almost then the entire cooler is black except for the white LED lighting in the pump, I personally like how the entire cooler looks since I prefer the simple colors but if you need everything to be RGB and flashy you may not like how this looks.

One thing worth mentioning is the lighting isn’t changeable. I do think the white lighting looks good but I do wish you could change the colors.

Overall I rate the looks 4/5 It looks simple and good but I do wish there was some form of color options for the lighting.


Build quality 

Build quality on the H60 is pretty great. The radiator is made out of aluminum and feels really strong, you would definitely have a hard time bending any of the fins.
The tubes are made out of a thick rubber which will prevent liquid evaporation meaning this cooler will last you an extremely long time.
Even the parts that have are made out of plastic like the upper portion of the radiator feel really well made so you shouldn’t run into any issues with this cooler breaking.
Overall I rate build quality 5/5 since everything feels really well made and sturdy.



At idle temps were really good. While sitting on the windows home screen temps were only a few degrees above the ambient room temperature of 22C

After a one-hour stress test temps were still pretty impressive maxing out in the low 50s.



After a few matches of PUBG and Fortnite the cooler maxed out a little lower than during the artificial stress test, these are the temperatures you should expect during normal gameplay.


Temperatures during my Witcher 3 Novigrad stress test were also good maxing out around 42C in one of the most CPU demanding sections of the game.


While the i5 6500 may not be the hardest CPU to cool the performance was really good. You will be able to cool hotter running CPUs like any of the CPUs in the i7 line

You will also be able to get a decent overclock on any of the supported CPUs using this cooler.


Overall performance is great for a 120mm AIO. You shouldn’t run into any issues cooling your CPU as long as you’re not trying to do something crazy like cool a Threadripper.

I rate the performance 4.5/5 since it does perform really well but it is outperformed by larger radiators obviously.

I do wish the H60 was just a small bit cheaper since there are larger better performing 240mm AIOs out there for around the same price as the H60. But if you don’t have the room in your case or you don’t want to use 2 fan mounts for your CPU this is still a great performing cooler at a decent price.

Now, let’s move onto the final thoughts and conclusion!


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