Cougar Poseidon GT 360mm AIO CPU Cooler Review


Conclusion and Verdict

Let’s finish this review off with the obvious. It kept the 11900K for thermal throttling. It’s no surprise it was able to achieve this performance. With that being said you may come across some AIO’s that are unable to. This testing just shows that Cougar manufactured the Poseidon with good parts and the pump absorbs the heat well. These fans are the same fans you will find with Forza 85. And when I reviewed that cooler, I was quite surprised with the quality of the fan. They are extremely quiet, move a ton of air, and have a great feel and rigidness to them.

What the fans lack in RGB the pump design makes up for that with the infinity mirror design. You can either use the included controller or utilize your motherboards RGB program. You don’t have a software suite for any customization. The RGB is very well done, and the infinity mirror is clean. You have a pump header and a RGB header so, the wire management isn’t going to be a big pain.

If you are looking for the best available in terms of cooling potential, then having a liquid cooler is the only way to go. You are going to have a hard time finding anything that is easier to install and offer this level of performance out of the box.

Water does have limits to the amount of heat that is transferable and. We can’t argue with the results as this cooler as it was able to compete with rest of the ones I have tested in the past.

You can buy the Cougar Poseidon GT 360mm AIO CPU cooler for around USD $145.00 from Expert Zone.



  • Easy Install
  • Quite fans and pump
  • Great testing results
  • Customizable RGB
  • Price


  • None


Final Thoughts:

The Cougar Poseidon GT 360mm is a fantastic AIO Cooler. The testing results were right up there and will keep any CPU nice and cool. You will get great cooling capabilities and an awesome RGB infinity mirror effect!



You can buy something similar …  Cougar AQUA ARGB 360mm AIO CPU Cooler for around USD $125 from Amazon –


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