Enermax LIQFUSION 240 RGB AIO CPU Cooler Review

Conclusion and Verdict

Enermax LIQFUSION 240 RGB is for sure a CPU cooler worth recommendation. It’s a typical size AIO cooling with 240mm radiator which should fit into most popular ATX and mATX cases. It’s also designed to work with most popular processors excluding maybe only AMD Threadripper for which is a separated series of coolers (also with RGB LEDs).

The cooler runs quiet and looks amazing. We are able to set all LEDs as we wish without the need of additional software. There are also multiple modes, speed adjustment and some more. Especially rainbow modes look exceptional and I don’t think that any competition has multiple of them.

Installation is simple and shouldn’t cause any issues. There is no interference with any components and the only downside can be the number of cables required to connect.

The LIQFUSION 240 RGB cooler costs about $119 in Amazon online store. It’s not cheap but if you want great looking AIO cooler for your exceptional gaming PC then I think it’s worth it. Price isn’t much higher than most standard series AIO coolers.



  • High performance
  • High quality
  • RGB lighting
  • Quiet work
  • Interesting design


  • Nothing worth to mention


Final words:

The LIQFUSION 240 is a really interesting option for gamers and enthusiasts who care about the looks of their PC. It offers high performance, quiet work, and exceptional design what is all that gamers and enthusiast need.

We are recommending Enermax LIQFUSION 240 RGB cooler as one of the best options on the market for a gaming PC.



You can buy the Enermax LIQFUSION 240 RGB AIO CPU Cooler from Amazon for around USD $120 – https://amzn.to/2R6yj7s


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