EVERCOOL CARRY NB-EC01 Portable Notebook Cooler Review

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Laptops and notebooks are wonderful portable personal computers than we can take with us when we are on the go. Whether for work or for play, these devices have made some serious strides in power and performance over the recent years. Some consumers require a portable solution for their media creation and editing, while others may use them for gaming, LANs, or conventions. One thing is for certain, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Responsibility to keep your devices cool that is! Make no mistake, powerful notebooks usually have adequate cooling. However, we all know that heat can be the bane of any electronic device if not tamed. Thankfully, manufacturers such as EVERCOOL provide aftermarket cooling solutions to help keep that nasty heat to a minimum.



Today we will be taking a look at the CARRY NB-EC01 notebook cooler from Evercool. We will be pairing the CARRY with our HP DV7T gaming notebook and pitting it against two other notebook coolers, from Thermaltake and NZXT, that we have previously tested.

What makes this cooler interesting is its pocket-sized shape. So the major question we will be seeking to answer in this review is will the small stature of the CARRY NB-EC01 hinder its cooling performance or will the cooler be able to hold its own against the larger and seemingly more adept coolers from the competition? Without further delay, let us begin the review!


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I would like to thank Evercool for providing the review sample. This is a snippet from what EVERCOOL has to say about themselves on their website:


EVERCOOL has pursued sustainable management as its operating principle since it sold Intel 386 CPU Coolers in 1994.The head office is located in Taipei,and the factory in Dong Guang is around 25,000 square meters.There are nearly 500 employees in EVERCOOL,and the maximum production capacity is 2KK DC Fans and 1KK Coolers.During more than 15 years of business,EVERCOOL has gradually moved from original equipment manufacturer to own brand development.

The five beliefs:innovation,quality insistence,perfect facilities,competitive price and accurate lead-time ensure EVERCOOL providing of good services and products with good quality to clients, and build a dependable customer loyalty as well.

EVERCOOL can be separated into two words:“ever”and“cool”which means that EVERCOOL products will always avoid computers’overheating by keeping them cold.The slogan of EVERCOOL is “The Aesthetics of Heat Dispersion”,which refers to the addition of aesthetics into the cooling product design.This concept makes EVERCOOL products different and stylish.In addition,the positive feedback from our clients is the motive power that encourages EVERCOOL to continue with its design innovation.

It is each member’s responsibility to promote EVERCOOL brand,and EVERCOOL firmly believes that the key to achieve enterprise’s objectives is cooperation. Therefore,EVERCOOL pays much attention to having a good and harmonious team spirit among departments. Teamwork and innovation have pushed EVERCOOL into the international market in recent years.

In the future,EVERCOOL will still insist on the“all win”operating principle for EVERCOOL,clients,and suppliers,and will keep striding forward to being one international top brand as well.




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