Scythe Fuma 3 High Performance CPU Cooler Review

Scythe is back with another high-performance CPU cooler. This time, it’s a refreshed third edition of the popular Fuma cooler. The new version has many improvements and promises excellent results with all modern desktop processors.

We will test the Fuma 3 cooler on the latest AMD Ryzen platform using the 7950X, 16-core CPU. The CPU is very demanding, so it should be perfect for the comparison.

It’s enough for the introduction, and let’s move to something more interesting – initially, some technical data and product features, while later, our test results.


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Fuma 3


Scythe flagship model Fuma 3 is a high-end dual tower CPU air cooler. Built on the basis of the legendary Fuma 2, the Fuma 3 is optimized with higher fin density and better cooling performance. Thanks to the improved asymmetrical heat sink layout, the Fuma 3 offers 100% RAM compatibility which can even be installed on the Z690I Mini-ITX motherboards. The Fuma 3 is ready for full LGA1700 and AM5 support.

New Asymmetrical Engineering
The improved asymmetrical heat sink layout provides full access to the front RAM slots. The heatheat sink layout are also optimized to provide the excellent space management for most demanding Mini-ITX motherboards such as Z690I series motherboards.

Stunning Performance
The state-of-the-art sturdy radiator structure comply with Scythe aerodynamic-focused concept with higher fin density which increases the surface area of thermal dissipation and maximize the cooling efficiency during the operations. The Fuma 3 is the optimal choice for the high TDP PC and processors.

Reverse Jet Flow
Two Kaze Flex II 120 fans (25mm &15mm) rotate in opposite directions creating higher static pressure and more stable airflow.

Hyper Precision Mounting System V (H.P.M.S. V)
Scythe easy-to-install H.P.M.S. V mounting system presents more optimal contact pressure to the latest CPUs on the market included INTEL LGA 1700 and AMD AM5 suppport.

You can buy the Scythe Fuma 3 CPU cooler for $49.99 in the Amazon store –


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