Scythe Shuriken 2 Compact CPU Cooler Review

Not often do we have a chance to review small CPU coolers, as these products are less popular. On the other hand, each year, more users decide to replace their full tower PC with something more compact. For these users, Scythe designed the Shuriken 2 and 3 coolers. Since we had tested the Shuriken 3 cooler a while ago, it’s time to present its smaller brother, Shuriken 2.

Stay with us to find out what the Shuriken 2 cooler has to offer.


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Thanks to its compact dimensions and low height of only 58 mm, the Shuriken 2 is ideally suited for ITX systems and other confined applications. A remarkable cooling capacity is achieved for its size. Four heat pipes transfer the heat from the CPU to the compact heat sink, which is only slightly larger than the decoupled 92 mm fan. The PWM controlled fan comes from the Kaze Flex series and, despite the reduced height of only 16mm, is equipped with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) archieving an average lifespan of 100,000 hours. The assembly is as easy as usual by utilizing the proven HPMS III Mounting System and a pre-installed mounting bar with spring-loaded screws. The Shuriken 2 combines the advantages of Scythe coolers in a space-saving and compact solution.



Compact dimensions
The Shuriken 2 is a low-profile CPU cooler with a height of only 58 mm (including fan). The compact dimensions make it ideal for ITX systems. The total weight is only 350g although the Shuriken has four heat pipes.

Kaze Flex 92 Slim fan with 16mm height
In order to keep the cooler as compact as possible, a 92 mm fan with a height of only 16 mm is used on the Shuriken 2. Despite the small dimensions, the fan is equipped with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB), which features smooth operation and an average lifespan of 100,000 hours. The cooler comes with an optional set of screws to install a regular fan with a height of 25 mm.

H.P.M.S. III Mounting System
The Shuriken 2 uses proven and user-friendly H.P.M.S III Mounting System. A pre-assembled mounting bar with spring-loaded screws ensures a balanced pressure distribution. This makes the installation process quick and easy. The sophisticated system offers outstanding compatibility with all common Intel ™ and AMD ™ sockets.


You can buy the Scythe Shuriken 2 CPU cooler for $39.99 from Amazon US –


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