Scythe Fuma Twin-Tower CPU Cooler Review

Conclusion and Verdict

If not little problems with tall memory kits, we could say that Scythe Fuma is a perfect cooler. Compatibility issues were also related to our motherboard which memory slots are really close to the CPU socket. Most users shouldn’t have problems with cooler installation, especially when four memory slot motherboard is in use. If you are planning to build a new PC using ITX format motherboard then better also decide on low profile memory kit.

The Fuma is offering great performance and quiet work. At the same time can be installed in smaller cases where larger Scythe coolers like Ninja or Mugen won’t fit.

We are used to see really good coolers from Scythe family and the Fuma is one more really interesting option. It can be even more interesting when we add that the Fuma can be found in online stores for as low as $47. It’s really good offer.

We haven’t seen the Scythe Fuma on Amazon yet … but you can buy the Scythe Mugen 5 CPU cooler at around USD $52  –


Final words

Scythe Fuma is really interesting option for all who care about high performance and silent work. The Fuma is not as high as some other high end coolers so is perfect for smaller builds. At the same time is offering about the same as many larger and more expensive coolers.

Scythe Fuma is simply a great cooler in a great price and is clearly worth our recommendation!




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