Scythe Kotetsu Mark II TUF Gaming Alliance CPU Cooler Review

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The package of the Kotetsu Mk II  cooler is a quite small box. Exterior will tell us about everything about the product inside as there are printed detailed specifications and key features.

The cooler has a total height of 154mm. We can install it without issues in most desktop computers as typical PC case supports up to 155mm cooler. There are of course exceptions so it’s always good to check the specification to be sure.

The Kotetsu looks like a typical single tower CPU cooler. Not so large base is made of nickel plated copper. There are four heat pipes. Let’s say it’s already a classic design similar to competitive coolers. There are also some differences like asymmetric design, which helps in tall memory modules support and aesthetic elements like a TUF Gaming Alliance plate on the top of the cooler.

Installation of the Kotetsu Mk. II is simple and shouldn’t cause any issues to even less advanced users. All steps are well described in the multi-lingual manual. In the package is also everything required for installation except maybe a screwdriver.

The Kotetsu Mk. II is equipped with a Kaze series fan with RGB LEDs. It’s tranquil during work, performs well and of course, looks great. It’s using a standard RGB connector which is compatible with most popular motherboard brands. In our case, it works without issues on the ASUS motherboard.

Below you can see the cooler in action.


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