SilentiumPC Fera 3 HE1224 V2 CPU Cooler Review

We are already familiar with the SilentiumPC brand, which is releasing many new products in the last months. We are trying to present you these more interesting products and today is time on the Fera 3 HE1224 V2 cooler. This CPU cooler is designed to work with most popular processor series so is perfect for the latest AMD Ryzen processors. We will take a closer look at how it performs on the Ryzen 3700X so quite demanding eight-core CPU which is really popular in last months.

Let’s not make this introduction any longer and take a look at the specifications and key features of the Fera 3 CPU cooler.


Sigma PRO 120 mm PWM

To ensure the new Fera is as quiet as it is efficient we chose to pair it with the Sigma PRO 120 PWM-controlled fan. Optimized blades spinning at 500 ~ 1600 RPM significantly reduce noise while providing sufficient airflow for cooler to work even with high-TDP processors.

Radiator construction

Fera’s radiator is made with HE (High Efficiency) technology in mind where every single of four heatpipes is directly touching the CPU which improves heat conveyance and therefore improves temperatures. Asymmetric design ensures wide compatibility, even with very high RAM modules.


Mounting mechanism is a proven solution used in other SilentiumPC products. Mounting of Fera 3 HE1225 is very intuitive and with help of detailed manual included in the box or video tutorials available on Youtube even less advanced users will be able to go through mounting without any hassle.


Fera 3 HE1224 v2 main advantage is it’s super-slim profile. The height of just 155 mm means the cooler fits about everywhere, even in narrow cases (min. 182 mm width).



You can buy the SilentiumPC Fera 3 HE1224 CPU cooler for €24.90 from Amazon UK.


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