SilentiumPC Fera 3 HE1224 V2 CPU Cooler Review

Conclusion and Verdict

SilentiumPC Fera 3 performs surprisingly well for an inexpensive and typical looking single tower cooler. It could handle an eight-core AMD CPU what a good sign for its performance is. It also runs quietly so there is not much more we could ask from a CPU cooler. Of course, the Fera 3 has its thermal limits, but for more demanding processors, SilentiumPC has better coolers in its offer. Better but also more expensive.

The tested version of Fera 3 offers no RGB illumination what is for many users an advantage. Those who wish to have RGB lighting, can also find Fera 3 RGB cooler in stores.

SilentiumPC gives a two-year warranty on the Fera 3 cooler. It’s a standard already but in the offered price still reasonable. The price is really low. store is selling the SilentiumPC Fera 3 HE1224 CPU cooler for as low as €24.90 what makes it really interesting option for all who are building a new PC or simply wish to replace an old CPU cooler.



  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet even at max fan speed
  • Easy installation and full compatibility with tall memory kits


  • Nothing worth to mention (at least not in this price)


Final words:

If you are looking for an inexpensive CPU cooler for your PC which performs well and runs quietly, then you should consider the Fera 3. There are not many coolers which offer so much at such a low price.

SilentiumPC Fera 3 receives our Value Award for its high performance, low price, and high culture of work. Congratulations!



You can buy the SilentiumPC Fera 3 HE1224 CPU cooler for €24.90 from Amazon UK.


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