Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB Fan Review


When you start-up the supported software by default you see the lighting options for one fan, from here you can select any of the up to 5 fans by selecting the “card” looking items.

From here you have a ton of fine-grained control over the lighting. Each fan has 32 individual lights and you can change the color of each light completley indepentally of each other. Each fan also has the lighting separated into three rings of lights that can have completely separate animations from each other, this gives you a ton of customization over how exactly the fans look.


If you don’t want to take the time to select the color of each light individually but you also want something different from the default then you can use the included drag feature to select a large number of the lights at a time and change them all to the same color.

One small issue I was having was each time I booted up my PC this warning would pop up and cause the software to not properly open until I went to task manager and closed out of the software there. After some brief searching on the internet, I was able to fix this issue by turning off the ports on the controller that didn’t have fans plugged into them through the software, after doing this I had no issues with this warning.



Using the included software you have nearly unlimited lighting options but due to size constraints I’ll have to limit what I show to a few of the animation options.












Another cool thing the software lets you do is give each fan its own animation letting you control how each fan looks individually, this mixed with the ability to also make each of the three rings per fan different gives you practically unlimited lighting options. But as a demonstration I made each of the fans as different as possible.



For the sake of saving space, I won’t show every single animation here but I feel this selection above does a good job of showing some of my favourites.

For a full demonstration of all the available lighting check out the light mode section of the official website here.


Along with the pre-animated selections shown above, there are also three animations available that dynamically change based on any music playing. Please note due to possible copyright reasons I had to mute the music but you can see the animation below, I will say the animation seemed to match up decently with the music.





The lighting on these fans are also quite impressive, with lighting on both sides of the fans and the middle mean there’s a lot of lighting to love.


Overall I really like the lighting on these fans. The double-sided lighting and massive amount of customization means these fans can look as flashy or as laid back as you want.

These really are some of the best looking RGB fansI’vee used so if looks are your thing when it comes to a build then the Riing fans will definitely make you happy!


Next up performance and noise.

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