Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB Fan Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

For anyone out there with a looks focused build Thermaltake has made a compelling product that offers good performance while also coming with some of the best looking lighting I’ve seen in a RGB fan. They’re also very well build and feel like they will last for years and multiple PC builds.

One thing to keep in mind is that the fans use the USB standard for both power and lighting, while this is helpful since it lowers how many cables are needed it also means without the controller the fans are unusable. This isn’t necessisarally bad but keep it in mind.

Pricing wise the Riing fans aren’t over priced when you consider other similar products but they aren’t cheap either considering the fact that 3 fans cost around $129! If you’re on any sort of budget these fans really may not be for you. But if you have money and nothing else to upgrade in your PC and just want some extra bling then these fans are worth it.

I also love just how customizable the lighting is. Using the supported software you have tons of very granular choice over your lighting. You can have each fan with up to 32 different colors and 3 different animations! These fans are some of the most customizable fans I’ve personally used so no matter how you like the lighting in your PC these fans will have something for you.

As for performance, these fans did well, they didn’t blow every other fan away but there’s really only so much a fan can do. I do like how well they perform while staying nearly silent. This is helpful if you prioritize noise but don’t want to sacrifice performance.

Overall I do recommend these fans if you need some of the best looking must customizable RGB fans in your build but due to the price and the fact that you can get simularly performing fans for much less (just without the lights) I only recommend these if you can fit them in your builds budget without sacrificing anything. Price aside they are some great looking fans that managed to perform very well while staying quieter than most fans.

I rate the Thermaltake Riing Trio RGB fans 4/5. As stated above the price to performance of these fans isn’t great but they still perform right up there with other fans while looking amazing, also as a bonus they manage to perform comparable to other fans while staying very quiet.



  • Great lighting.
  • Extremely customizable.
  • Great granularity over the lighting.
  • Built well.
  • Long cables.



  • Included velcro doesn’t stay adheased.



  • Pricy.
  • Fans use USB interface making them useless without the contriol hub.




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